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    Pick to Light systems to make your order picking faster and more quality-assured

    Pick to Light is a clever Poka Yoke solution that ensures that you do not pick the wrong item or miss one. You do not need a picking list, and can instead pick with both hands simultaneously - it speeds up the order picking, reduces errors and lowers costs. It´s perfect for your e-commerce, production process or distribution center.

    Binar Solutions develops software and hardware for, among other things, pick indication, but is also a retailer of Pick to light systems™ wide range of controllers, sensors, buttons, displays, lights and flexible quick connectors. We help you find and tailor a cost-effective Pick-to-Light total solution for your needs.

    What is Pick to Light?

    Pick to Light, also called P2Light, is an intuitive order-picking system containing lights that streamline the picking process. The Pick to Light system is paperless, and quality ensures that you do not pick the wrong item or miss picking one. A distinct light indication indicates what to pick, and a sensor double-checks that you have picked the item. A simple and brilliant method.

    Pick to Light guides your employees in manual picking, sorting, and assembly – it increases accuracy and efficiency, all while reducing costs. In other words, it is a perfect solution for, e.g., e-commerce companies and distribution centers that wish to eliminate error picking.

    The Pick to Light system is based on Poka Yoke – a Japanese method for identifying and avoiding mistakes before they occur.

    How does Pick to Light work?

    The Pick to Light software can be customized as needed, but in short, the principle is as follows:

    Each storage compartment has a lamp, display, and at least one acknowledgment button. The process of starting a sequence can take place in many ways. The operator can, for example, scan an order number, and the software then knows which items to pick.

    The system’s LEDs light up and illuminate the path with the purpose of guiding the operator to the article’s storage compartment. A display then indicates the number of items to be picked up. The withdrawal is afterwards confirmed with the acknowledgment button or via the non-contact sensor when the operator’s hand is inserted into the box.

    Starting a sequence can also take place by sending information to the system from an RFID tag about a specific order while delivering the recipe to be picked up. This is just one of the many ways you can start a sequence in Pick2light. A multicolored LED indicator on the picking displays allows you to select several orders in parallel (so-called Multi-Order-Picking).

    With our LP352 Pick to Light sensor, you can avoid errors during production and minimize the risk of possible consequential costs.

    Pick2Light – Stand Alone

    A stand-alone system for quick start-up. Do you want to easily get started with a Pick-to-light solution? The LP304 is a completely self-contained system for picking indications. This means no external support system or other complementary hardware is required to start the solution.
    You get up and running quickly with one or more stations without consulting the IT department while still having the option to scale up later.

    Short about Binar’s standalone pick indicator system

    • Easy to get started
    • The operator or production engineer can manage the station on their own
    • No need to involve the IT department during installation or operation
    • No connection to ERP is required
    • No connection to other stations is necessary
    • Ease of use thanks to indication with only green or red color

    What is the difference between Pick to Light and Put to Light?

    Put to Light (Put2Light) is basically the opposite of Pick to Light. It is an outgoing system that guides the operator in organizing and sorting several orders. Both Pick to light and Put to light provide higher ROI (Return of Investment) due to the clear visual indications, and the possibility to work with both hands at the same time makes the operator work faster. In the end, the result is higher quality, higher accuracy and less waste of time.


    What advantages does the Pick to light system have, compared to other systems?

    In addition to speeding up and quality-assuring your order picking, you avoid paper and lists. In addition, the training period is very short because the Picking by Light system is so simple.

    More advantages with Pick to Light

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    Binar offers expert solutions in Pick to Light systems

    We at Binar want to be your first choice when you are looking for a support system for efficient and quality-assured order picking. That’s why we offer you a complete Pick-by-Light system with software and lights that you can run integrated with your business system or completely Stand Alone.

    Choose between a Pick to Light program combined with your existing lamps or an integrated solution where we deliver lamps to your current order-picking system. Regardless, it’s easy to expand or rebuild your existing system. We provide solutions that fit into your production process, aiming to ensure the quality of your assembly and to “kit“ an order in your warehouse or distribution center.

    Pick to Light is a very efficient solution to error-proof assembly. Binar LP352 is a Pick sensor that comes with RGB light, touchless acknowledge, digit display, and function buttons. It is small and fits easily above any compartment. The two-digit display shows how many parts to pick. If the operator tries to pick up the wrong compartment, the LED of the pick sensor turns red. The green button may be used instead of the touchless acknowledge, and the blue function button may be used for the replenishment alarm.

    The Binar system BPS, enables pick sensors to be light up in sequence, following the Standard Operating Procedure.

    Kit by the production line

    Move stock away from your production line to speed up your production flow. Kit your components with the help of Pick to Light on a component storage location next to it and deliver fully assembled component kits to the line JIT, just in time.

    Kit several orders simultaneously

    Go the stocking round once and pick materials for several orders simultaneously to further speed up your order picking. Pick all components from the warehouse with the help of Pick to Light and sort by order using Put to Light.

    Kitting is a very efficient method to increase value-added time in assembly. The assembly operator gets all parts pre-picked in a sequence box and may then focus 100% on assembly. The picking operator picks parts for one or more work orders at a time, placing those in sequence boxes. With Pick and Put to Light, this can be done fast, accurately, and error-proof. Paperless and both hands-free greatly speed up the process. The LP352 Pick sensor lights up at the first compartment, where there is a part to be picked. The operator reads the number of parts on the display and starts picking these parts. The operator starts to distribute these parts into each box and at the same time acknowledges the button at the box. 

    Welcome to get in touch with us if you are interested in a Pick to Light system for your business!

    Systemöversikt LP352-skenor

    Easier picking of O-rings

    Do not store O-rings tangled in a box. Hang O-rings on rackets in order to retrieve them more easily and pick the right amount. Our smart Poka Yoke tool tells the operator when to pick and ensures that you have picked the correct type and amount. Smart huh?

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