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    Pick to Light

    Speed up and quality assure your order pick

    Introduce Pick to Light, a digital Poka Yoke solution to ensure quality by making sure the wrong components are not picked or the right ones are missed. You do not need a picking list allowing for paperless operation instead and picking with both hands at the same time. Fits in a production process as well as in a warehouse or distribution center.

    How it works…

    Regardless of whether you call it Pick to Light, Pick 2 Light or Pick by Light, the function is the same. A clear light indication tells the manufacturer what to pick and a non-contact sensor shows what has been picked, ensuring high quality. Simple but meaningful.

    Our solution

    We provide you with a complete system containing both software and lights that you can integrated with your business system or completely Stand Alone. You can run our program with existing lights or our lights with an existing system, which makes it easy to expand or rebuild your existing system. Our system fits both in your production process to ensure the quality of your assembly and for your warehouse or distribution center to kit an order, from both box and pallet.

    Pick as you assemble

    Pick components with the help of Pick to Light directly in your assembly sequence, as you assemble, to ensure the quality of your production. Combine with digital instructions to assemble correctly.

    Pick to Light is a very efficient solution to error proof assembly. Binar LP352 is a Pick sensor that comes with both RGB light, touchless acknowledge, digit display and function buttons. It is small and fits easily above any compartment. The two-digit display shows how many parts to pick. If the operator faulty tries to pick in the wrong compartment, the LED of the pick sensor turns red. Green button may be used instead of touchless acknowledge and blue function button may be used for replenishment alarm.

    The Binar system BPS, enables pick sensors to be light up in sequence, following the Standard Operating Procedure.

    Kit by the production line

    Move stock away from your production line to speed up your production flow. Kit your components with the help of Pick to Light on a component storage location next to it and deliver fully assembled component kits to the line JIT, just in time.

    Kit several orders simultaneously

    Go the stocking round once and pick materials for several orders simultaneously to further speed up your order picking. Pick all components from the warehouse with the help of Pick to Light and sort by order using Put to Light.

    Kitting is a very efficient method to increase value added time in assembly. The assembly operator gets all parts pre-picked in a sequence box and may then focus 100% on assembly. The picking operator pick parts for one or more work order at the time, placing those in sequence boxes. With Pick and Put to light this can be done fast, accurate and error proof. Paperless and both hands free greatly speeds up the process. The LP352 Pick sensor lights up at the first compartment where there is a part to be picked. The operator reads the amount of parts on the display and starts to pick these parts. The operator starts to distribute these parts into each box and at the same time acknowledge on the button at the box. 

    Systemöversikt LP352-skenor

    Easier picking of O-rings

    Do not store O-rings tangled in a box. Hang O-rings on rackets, in order to more easily retrieve them and pick the right amount. Our smart Poka Yoke tool tells the operator when to pick and ensures that you have picked the correct type and amount. Smart huh?

    Binar bilindustri

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