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    Traceability in production

    We help you construct a traceability system that logs and associates materials, resources, and machines with each individual order, batch, or project
    Track Easily
    - what has been produced
    - how it has been produced
    - ID of the operator

    Traceability system is used to track information about what has been produced or how it was produced. It may be the ID of the operator who assembled the item, time stamp, batch number or certificate number of an item. In some cases, it is necessary to store pictures, test result or just simple barcodes. Barcodes, RFID tags and QR codes are commonly used in traceability applications where information has to be stored in case of a revision or quality problems.

    Ensure & prove high quality

    Traceability is not just a seal of quality but often a requirement. Saving data from every step of your process allows you to prove and ensure high quality. Use the information to troubleshoot your products and work on continuous improvement (Kaizen, 改善).

    Tag products & equipment with IDs

    ID tag everything; components in your product, your production equipment and your operators to be able to follow the product all the way through production; from order to delivery.

    Digitize – realise a smart factory

    Connect your business system and your production line. Get traceability in your process by linking each product to an order. Let the product carry information about how it should be processed, so that the factory organises itself.

    Our solution

    • We save and transfer important data from each individual product in production to the business system or to a separate database ensuring you get full traceability and can deliver high quality products.
    • You can track constituent components / materials, completed processes including utilised production equipment and active personnel, exact timestamps, and more.

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