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    System integration

    Binar's flexible MES system increases your quality control and efficiency

    With our customized MES system BPS (Binar Production System) you can control and monitor the production process. Visualize key figures, get a useful overview and take your quality control to the next level. Follow the production process in real time via mobile phone, computer or tablet - and get a more profitable business.

    MES-system från Binar

    What is a MES system?

    To ensure effective quality control, full control of the various parts of the production process is needed. With the help of MES (Manufacturing Execution System), you get a holistic approach to the command, monitoring and follow-up of your production processes. MES gives you a valuable overview, where the system also visualizes important key figures. This allows you to track each product, record traceability data and detect errors or malfunctions. The result is:

    • Improved productivity
    • Higher product quality
    • Shorter delivery times
    • Increased customer satisfaction.

    An MES system automates the flow of information between different parts of production and connects the company’s business system with the manufacturing. You save time and streamline work by not having to give instructions manually to each individual device.

    By connecting business systems (ERP) and production systems with each other, it becomes easier to establish common standards and best practices. This leads, among other things, to reduced costs, fewer products in stock and shorter delivery times. With Binar’s own MES system BPS, you get optimized production and reduced costs.

    How do you use a Manufacturing Execution System?

    A MES system handles everything from recipe and machine parameters, to operator instructions and integration with business systems. The system creates a digital flow where production is visualized. Business systems, machines and operators are connected and communicate with each other. In this way, your production can be controlled optimally, and with the help of reports you can make informed decisions and control production in the best possible way.


    What is a MES-system?

    What distinguishes Binar’s MES system BPS from other similar systems?

    Many MES systems are built to be stable but lack the flexibility needed to effectively implement changes. Binar’s support system Binar Production System, BPS, is easy to adapt to your unique conditions and wishes, since it is made up of modules.

    A unique strength of BPS is that it not only collects data – it is also used to control machines and processes according to the push strategy. You thus get more help with the steering and are one step ahead. The result is stronger improvement work and greater opportunities to influence critical process parameters.

    Benefits of BPS:

    • Easy to adapt BPS is modular and easy to adapt to your existing system. This means you can start with a smaller system and then expand it as the need increases.
    • Easy to connect In addition to Binar’s smart nodes, BPS can be easily connected to robots and machines through standardized interfaces.
    • Follow the process in your mobile or tablet You get information about the production process in real time through an app in your mobile, computer or tablet.
    • The nodes form the connection The nodes can be connected in networks and form the connection to the manufacturing process.

    Discover all the benefits of using BPS in your manufacturing

    With BPS, you get optimized production and reduced costs. Discover benefits such as:

    • Easier to implement changes in the production process The changes may, for example, stem from new corporate strategies or requirements from authorities.
    • Order management ensures that the right order and the right job are performed The MES system’s order management ensures full transparency in the production flow, while at the same time helping to minimize costly intermediate stocks.
    • Find hidden capacity and reduce costs With Binar’s BPS system, you can change operating processes and control systems with the help of analysis and process data. You can thus find hidden production capacity and at the same time reduce production costs.
    • Optimize the flow in production logistics We at Binar help you reduce lead times and increase the turnover rate in your production logistics. By optimizing the various parts of a production or getting a smoother transition between them, you get a more efficient and profitable production.
    • Production planning that increases your competitiveness Binar helps you with your production planning. By linking planning to decisions for quality, delivery capacity and reliability, you can reduce the costs of raw materials, energy consumption and maintenance. In this way, you increase your competitiveness.
    • Get ​​smoother Supply Chain Integration Binar offers solutions for integration of individual and several facilities, but also integration of MES solutions into the company’s own business system. BPS is easy to integrate with all major business systems and ensures stable operation of the facility. Even if the parent business system would temporarily be out of order, the message history remains intact.

    Our MES system is implemented through a feasibility study of your needs

    We start by conducting a feasibility study where we look at the customer’s needs – you may have an overall picture of what the production lacks. In many cases, we discover that the business has completely different needs than what was thought from the beginning. Over the years, we have in this way helped many customers to discover unexpected bottlenecks in their production.

    Traceability – crucial for meeting requirements and improving quality

    Traceability means that you track what has been produced and how it has been produced. A satisfactory traceability system is crucial to meet requirements from authorities and customers, but also to improve quality and delivery time, reduce costs and optimize processes. Binar’s MES system contains a module that connects your business system with your production line to get valuable traceability in your process. By letting your product carry information on how to process it, your factory can easily organize itself.


    Is your production batch-controlled?

    The food and pharmaceutical industries are examples of businesses with batch-controlled production. This puts high demands on flexibility and traceability. Binar Solutions has extensive experience in delivering batch systems and helps you with validation of the processes, so that legal requirements and guidelines are met. The batch systems are normally integrated with your automation and business system, as well as other MES functions such as order management, traceability and production reporting.

    We tailor a MES system that automates and optimizes your industrial production

    Binar’s own MES system BPS (Binar Production System) is a software for control and monitoring of production processes. Thanks to the fact that it is a modular system, you can choose the modules you want. BPS is easy to adapt to your unique conditions and allows you to make quick decisions based on facts, as you get real-time information about your production process.

    We help you regardless of whether you want a complete solution, or if you wish to connect the software to existing systems, machines, sensors and other I/O. Your program is tailored with an intuitive user interface, where different parts of the production communicate with each other – thus, you get more out of machines as well as people.

    With us at Binar, you get access to 35 years of industry knowledge on how to streamline and ensure the quality of industrial manufacturing.

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