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    LP352 – Pick to Light sensor

    LP352 – Pick to Light sensor 50352

    Quality assure your order picking and thereby also your production process in your warehouse or distribution center. With the LP352 Pick to light sensor, you can avoid errors during production and minimize the risk of possible consequential costs.

    The lights in different colors not only tell you what to pick, but a non-contact sensor also quality assures that the right item has been picked. You do not need a picking list allowing for paperless operation instead and picking with both hands at the same time. Fits in a production process as well as in a warehouse or distribution center.

    How it works…

    Call it Pick to Light, Pick 2 Light, Pick by Light, Put to Light, Put to Store or Pack to Light or whatever you want. Anyhow, a clear light indication tells you what to pick and a non-contact sensor ensures that you have picked the component in questions. Pick as you assemble, kit next to the production line or kit several orders at once.

    Handle even the toughest of environments

    Handle even the toughest environments with IP65. Withstands blows and shocks that often occur in a material facade. Protect the wiring with nice coating.

    Take advantage of smart function buttons

    Use the blue button for e.g. material alarm, to alert if an item in stock is running low in supply or is missing, and get more efficient material handling according to Kanban (Japanese: 看板). Kanban is a way of signaling or bringing attention to material needs in an manufacturing plant.

    Change, expand or easily relocate

    There is no need for replacing your existing shelving system. Fits in your production process as well as your warehouse or distribution center, for picking from small or large boxes and from pallets. Change, expand or easily relocate with quick connections and bus connections.

    Get clear light indications

    Pick at green light and let red lights warn you when you have picked the wrong component. Distinguish different pick orders with RGB (red, green & blue) light indication. Light one pick sensor at a time or let the operator choose the order by lighting all the pick sensors at the same time. The lights also make it easier to quickly see what to pick from both narrow angles and at a distance.

    Acknowledge completion with touchless input or with a button

    Acknowledge reliably with a button or completely touchless. The non-contact sensor detects when someone is positions their hand underneath to pick up an item, which acknowledges the pick and turns off the indication.

    Display the pick count

    The display shows the number of items to pick. Two numbers is just right, as more than two is time consuming to count and fit in the palm of one’s hand. Should more than double-digit number of items be required, it is better to turn on the sensor several times and pick a smaller number in batches.


    Touchless or with a button

    IR, area ca 10 cm

    Indicative colors
    Green, red, yellow, blue, white, turquoise or purple.

    Display count
    Two digits

    Function button count

    Sensors per trail 
    max 90



    2 x IDC, 6-poles, pin


    Input voltage
    20 – 32 VDC


    EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4

    Dimensions and weight

    B 100 x H 35 x D 35 mm

    300 g

    Rail mounted


    Power consumption
    max 40 mA


    IP Code

    Temperature interval
    0 – 50 °C

    0 – 95% non-condensing

    Pick to Light is a very efficient solution to error proof assembly. Binar LP352 is a Pick sensor that comes with both RGB light, touchless acknowledge, digit display and function buttons. It is small and fits easily above any compartment. The two-digit display shows how many parts to pick. If the operator faulty tries to pick in the wrong compartment, the LED of the pick sensor turns red. Green button may be used instead of touchless acknowledge and blue function button may be used for replenishment alarm.

    The Binar system BPS, enables pick sensors to be light up in sequence, following the Standard Operating Procedure.

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