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    Lean production

    Lean production

    Digitize, quality-assure and streamline your production system in order to improve productivity, reduce waste and increase your profitability.

    Takt Time in Lean Manufacturing

    Binar Production System (BPS)

    Our modular production system Binar Production System (BPS) facilitates integration of lean production, which leads to more efficient and profitable production. BPS is the name for the collection of functions we offer, you can choose which parts or modules you want to use.

    Improved production with TAKT, ANDON & Poka Yoke

    With BPS you can set a visual pulse (TAKT), act on deviations (Andon) and quality assure (Poka Yoke) manual tasks in your production and increase productivity. The system provides a comprehensive experience through integration with your business system (ERP) and your production equipment, which allows you to automate your process and create an overview in real time.

    Read more about BPS & System integration

    Customer customization – smart & priceworthy

    Do you lack tools to ensure the quality and efficiency of your production? Is there no alternative on the market, is it too expensive or not exactly the way you want it? Our expertise in development of industrial electronics and software, allows us to be at the forefront of industrial technology and quickly develop innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

    Get started in no time

    With a flexible and scalable system, you can get started quickly and then scale up as profitability increases. Even if you start on a smaller scale, the results quickly become clear and you may easily add new features for future needs.

    Binar bilindustri

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