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    Streamline your alert management with Andon

    It is expensive to produce errors. Streamline your alarm management by alerting and stopping production immediately when you discover an error, to call for help and fix the problem.

    Andon systemöversikt

    Andon systemöversikt

    How it works…

    Andon (ア ン ド ン) methodology within TPS, Toyota Production System and is based on you alerting and calling for help efficiently without even leaving your workstation by pressing an Andon button or pulling an Andon string to trigger a lamp or sound.

    Digitize your alert management

    Digitize your alert management so that you may direct the alarm directly to the person who is best equipped to solve the problem at hand. Include the info needed to remedy the error. Describe what and where the error is, and in the best case scenario how the error should be rectified.

    Follow the solution implementation in real time

    Alert employees that you are starting remedial work in order to ensure several people are not doing the same job. Follow the implementation / remedial in real time. Acknowledge and document when the alarm is cleared.

    Prioritise correctly, easier

    Escalate alarms if several alarms are received simultaneously to never miss an alarm and make it easier to prioritise. Prioritise what would bring the most serious consequences and allocate resources accordingly. Deploy more resources if needed or automatically if it the error takes longer than expected to solve.

    Document cause and action

    Document the cause and the action performed so that you may resolve the error faster the next time or completely prevent it from happening again. Work on continuous improvement (Kaizen, 改善.).


    Collect all sound experiences

    Keep listening to music, but never miss an alarm. Collect and manage all the audio channels along your production line to ensure that alarms and messages always reach out quickly, to the right recipient. Mute the music when alarms and messages are played.

    Our solution

    With our complete digital Andon system, you receive everything you need to be able to streamline your alarm management. You can easily handle your alarms, follow your solution implementation, prioritise more easily and log cause and action, wherever you are. We tailor a solution with Andon buttons, Andon strings, sound and light, and displays for you so that you may sound the alarm efficiently and ensure that the alarm always reaches out quickly, to the correct recipient.

    To reduce waste in a production environment, Andon is a proven method that easily can be implemented. Focus is to keep the operator value adding during assembly. Any disturbance or abnormal situation is taken care of by pushing the Andon button or by pulling an Andon cord. The alarm will be visualised on displays, lamps and even sounded off to raise the attention of the Team Leader or an Andon Coach. The support person will take care of the problem and register a fault code for the disturbance. Binar has the products to make this smooth and easy. With the ten-button box LP220 the fault code will be registered with a push.. Improvement groups may easily read the result for further analysis and to take action for improvements.

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