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    Andon Software

    Streamline the Alert Management in Your Production Flow with Andon System

    With an Andon system, you achieve better communication and shorter interruptions in production.
    The method ensures that your employees receive assistance more quickly when they trigger an
    alarm about problems in the production line. You optimize resource use and reduce costs – a
    revolutionary solution for industrial manufacturing and e-commerce.

    Andon systemöversikt

    Andon systemöversikt

    What is Andon?

    Andon (アンドン) is a proven method for effectively detecting and reporting errors in a production system. The method, which uses a specific type of production alarm, is part of Lean – a strategy that focuses on maximizing customer value while minimizing the waste of resources. Andon alarms were first implemented in Toyota’s production facilities, where employees called for help by pulling a cord or pressing a button at their workstations. This way, production was paused, and the problem could be corrected. The purpose is to be able to sound an alarm and summon help efficiently without even leaving the workstation so that the operator’s added value is maintained during work. In today’s production facilities, the Andon method works in the same way with cords and buttons. Some Andon systems are automatically activated by the equipment itself when a fault has occurred. Often, the stop signal consists of an auditory alarm, text, or lights. Once staff have addressed the issue, the fault is logged in a database as part of a continuous improvement process.

    How to use Andon?

    The method is easy to implement. With Andon lights, buttons, and cords strategically placed at easily accessible locations, your employees can call for help in production if a problem arises. The alarm will be visualized on screens via lights or sound signals to attract the attention of the Team Leader or the business’s Andon Coach, who will take various actions depending on what has happened. There is also the option to use music as a warning signal when someone has used the alarm management to stop production. The sound experiences along the production line can be customized to ensure that alarms and messages reach the right recipient quickly. We also offer LP220 – a customized button panel where the operator can specify their alarm with a fault code, thereby summoning the right help from the start

    What are the Advantages of Andon Compared to Other Systems?

    If a production stop occurs at a facility without Andon alarm management, it’s highly likely that operators will stand still and wait while personnel search for the right person or equipment to solve the problem. Time passes, which costs money, and there is also the risk that the same error occurs repeatedly.

    An operation that uses Andon system production alarms becomes more streamlined. The alarm can be directed straight to the employee who can solve the fault. The alarm message can also be provided with information to make the problem-solving process faster.

    More advantages when using an Andon system:

    Easier management through alarm prioritization: Do you receive several alarms at the same time? To never miss an alarm, you can prioritize the one with the most serious consequences and allocate resources accordingly. Increase resources as needed or automatically if the alarm takes extra long to resolve.
    Document cause and action: Document the cause and the action taken so that you can solve the fault faster next time or completely prevent it from happening again. Work with continuous improvements (according to Kaizen, 改善).
    Follow the resolution process in real-time: Inform your employees that you are starting remedial work so that multiple people are not doing the same job. Track the progress in real-time and acknowledge when the alarm has been resolved.

    How is Andon Used in Lean Manufacturing?

    Central to the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing is achieving resource-efficient and time-effective production by eliminating everything unnecessary that does not create value for the customer. Andon alarms and other tools such as Poka Yoke and Takt optimize your operation in various ways. The purpose is to improve profitability by reducing waste and finding the root cause of a problem. Contact us to learn more.


    Binar has extensive experience in successful Andon system solutions for companies

    Our complete digital Andon system gives you everything you need to streamline your alarm management. You can easily manage your alarms, follow your solution work, prioritize more simply, and log cause and action wherever you are. We tailor a solution to your production, which includes Andon buttons, Andon lights, strings, sounds, lights, and displays so that you can alarm effectively and ensure that the alarm always reaches out quickly to the right recipient.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    To reduce waste in a production environment, Andon is a proven method that easily can be implemented. Focus is to keep the operator value adding during assembly. Any disturbance or abnormal situation is taken care of by pushing the Andon button or by pulling an Andon cord. The alarm will be visualised on displays, lamps and even sounded off to raise the attention of the Team Leader or an Andon Coach. The support person will take care of the problem and register a fault code for the disturbance. Binar has the products to make this smooth and easy. With the ten-button box LP220 the fault code will be registered with a push.. Improvement groups may easily read the result for further analysis and to take action for improvements.

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