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    Poka Yoke

    The Poka Yoke method helps you get higher quality production

    By designing your product, production process or technology in a fail-safe way, you eliminate mistakes and reduce costs. Our Poka Yoke tools are designed to remove human error - the result is a production of higher quality. Simple solutions that are surprisingly effective.

    What is Poka Yoke?

    Poka-yoke (ポ カ ヨ ケ) is a method of preventing and detecting mistakes before they occur. It was founded by Toyota’s production in 1961 and the word roughly means “fail-safe”. The technology is one of the most essential tools in the Lean strategy concept, where the purpose is to make it virtually impossible for mistakes to occur, both mechanical problems and issues that arise due to human error.

    By designing equipment, products or processes according to Poka Yoke, making mistakes or misinterpreting something becomes much harder. These are some examples of Poka Yoke Lean solutions in everyday life:

    • Electrical contacts that can only be inserted into the wall in a particular way. By doing this, the risk of electrical accidents is eliminated
    • Loose barriers that are hung up in front of a bridge or road viaduct, to draw the attention of truck drivers and alert the applying height. If the driver hits the barriers, the driver perceives that the vehicle is too high for the bridge.
    • An audible signal that starts to sound if you have forgotten to turn off the headlights on a switched off car.

    How do you use Poka Yoke?

    If you apply the concept to your production, you can detect and remedy weaknesses in the production chain at an early stage. Poka Yoke increases the reliability of the production flow, as well as enables rapid correction and adaptation to the circumstances.

    At Binar, our engineers create smart production tools for your needs. Examples include measuring systems for straightening components along a steady line, or the tool SBCT (Spring Band Clamp Tool) which loosens so-called resilient hose clamps in constructions for cooling, heating and fuel.

    We also offer complete solutions that include circuit boards, software and mechanics. Do you struggle with a manufacturing issue you want to solve, or do you have a vision for a prototype? We help you realize your idea! Binar is your complete partner when you need a simple and efficient way to ensure high production quality – at low costs.

    What are the advantages of Poka Yoke Lean, compared to other systems?

    • Decreasing amount of waste. By producing fewer defective products, you also get less waste. In addition, you save time because you don’t have to focus on repairing defective products.
    • The productivity increases. Your processes run more smoothly when errors and mistakes are prevented. Faster, more efficient processes thus result in higher productivity.
    • Improves security. Are there risky elements at your facility? By applying Poka Yoke to dangerous situations or machines, you increase the level of safety and in turn prevent accidents.
    • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement. Many people who use Poka Yoke vouch that it can lead to an improved attitude among the staff. The concept steers focus away from blame when a mistake has been made, and explains that it is the process itself that is deficient and not the employee. It is an excellent tool to implement within a larger framework for continuous improvement.


    LP125 – Smart tool holder

    Poka Yoke-verktyg

    Remember to fix your hose clamps

    Remember to fix your resilient hose clamps to prevent leakage later. Our clever Poka Yoke tool tells you when to fix a spring band clamp, and a sensor ensures that you have fixed it. Isn’t that clever?

    Binar offers customized Poka Yoke Lean Manufacturing solutions for your production

    We at Binar have 35 years of experience in digitizing our customers’ production flows and making them more effective. With us, you get access to expert knowledge in Lean Manufacturing and other tools that reduce waste, eliminate errors and streamline your processes.

    With digital instructions, smart displays, lights, sounds, buttons and technology we have developed on our own, we have a large capacity to tailor a solution to your specific needs. We offer e.g. LP125 – a smart tool holder that tells you when the tool should be used, and after use it acknowledges that it has been used. We also provide Pick to Light, a digital Poka Yoke system that effectively reduces errors in the order picking in your distribution center or e-commerce warehouse.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    Poka Yoke systemöversikt

    Use the correct tools

    The operator should not have to look for or ask which tool to use. Our smart Poka Yoke tool tells you when to use which tool and ensures that you have used it. To prevent the tool from getting lost, it also monitors whether you put it back in place. Smart, right?

    Assemble correctly

    Digitize instructions so you can get the right info at the right time without having to look for it. Ensure quality by always relying on the latest information. Require acknowledgment of critical steps. This will provide the support needed to always be able to do the right thing from the beginning.

    With Digital Instructions from Binar, the operator gets much more efficient. Drawings, Bill Of Material, Standard Operating Procedure, it can all be easily accessed directly on the screen. 

    No need to search for papers, drawings or detailed information, everything is presented on the screen.

    With Binar Poka Yoke software it is also possible to register the work sequence. The standard operation is presented step by step with images, drawings text and videos. No need to be high skilled or to have years of experience. Everyone can produce efficient at high quality.

    It is also possible to combine with other tools such as Pick to Light, Electric Screwdrivers or equipment like lifting devices.

    Select the correct components

    Introduce Pick to Light, a digital Poka Yoke solution to ensure quality by making sure the wrong components are not picked or the right ones are forgotten. A clear light indication tells the manufacturer what to pick and a non-contact sensor shows what has been picked, ensuring high quality. Easy, right?

    Pick to Light is a very efficient solution to error proof assembly. Binar LP352 is a Pick sensor that comes with both RGB light, touchless acknowledge, digit display and function buttons. It is small and fits easily above any compartment. The two-digit display shows how many parts to pick. If the operator faulty tries to pick in the wrong compartment, the LED of the pick sensor turns red. Green button may be used instead of touchless acknowledge and blue function button may be used for replenishment alarm.

    The Binar system BPS, enables pick sensors to be light up in sequence, following the Standard Operating Procedure.

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