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    Poka Yoke

    Make it difficult to make mistakes

    Give your operators good tools to easily do the right thing. Leave it to the operator to maintain and ensure the most important prerequisites for efficient production: commitment. Commitment is the core of effective error protection, Poka Yoke, which provides both high quality and short delivery times.

    Poka Yoke-verktyg

    Do not forget to fix your hose clamps

    Do not forget to fix your springy hose clamps to prevent potential leakage. Our smart Poka Yoke tool tells you when to fix a spring band clamp and a sensor ensures that is has been fixed. Smart huh?

    Poka Yoke systemöversikt

    Use the correct tools

    The operator should not have to look for or ask which tool to use. Our smart Poka Yoke tool tells you when to use which tool and ensures that you have used it. To prevent the tool from getting lost, it also monitors whether you put it back in place. Smart, right?

    Assemble correctly

    Digitize instructions so you can get the right info at the right time without having to look for it. Ensure quality by always relying on the latest information. Require acknowledgment of critical steps. This will provide the support needed to always be able to do the right thing from the beginning.

    With Digital Instructions from Binar, the operator gets much more efficient. Drawings, Bill Of Material, Standard Operating Procedure, it can all be easily accessed directly on the screen. 

    No need to search for papers, drawings or detailed information, everything is presented on the screen.

    With Binar Poka Yoke software it is also possible to register the work sequence. The standard operation is presented step by step with images, drawings text and videos. No need to be high skilled or to have years of experience. Everyone can produce efficient at high quality.

    It is also possible to combine with other tools such as Pick to Light, Electric Screwdrivers or equipment like lifting devices.

    Select the correct components

    Introduce Pick to Light, a digital Poka Yoke solution to ensure quality by making sure the wrong components are not picked or the right ones are forgotten. A clear light indication tells the manufacturer what to pick and a non-contact sensor shows what has been picked, ensuring high quality. Easy, right?

    Pick to Light is a very efficient solution to error proof assembly. Binar LP352 is a Pick sensor that comes with both RGB light, touchless acknowledge, digit display and function buttons. It is small and fits easily above any compartment. The two-digit display shows how many parts to pick. If the operator faulty tries to pick in the wrong compartment, the LED of the pick sensor turns red. Green button may be used instead of touchless acknowledge and blue function button may be used for replenishment alarm.

    The Binar system BPS, enables pick sensors to be light up in sequence, following the Standard Operating Procedure.

    Binar bilindustri

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