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    Visualise your takt on industrial displays

    A production flow without takt brings chaos. Level out your production pace to create a better working environment and simplify your resource management in order to maintain high and consistent quality.

    Visualise the takt-time

    Visualise the takt-time at your workstations in real time so that your operators can use them as a basis for their working pace. Count down the tempo and raise alerts automatically if you exceed the tempo time to, for example, call for and install extra resources. Save and analyse statistics for continuous improvement.

    Our solution

    With our complete takt-system, you can visualise your takt on industrial displays or screens, alert production leaders if the takt-time is exceeded and store statistics so you can work on continuous improvements. We offer a tailored solution that suits your needs and provides you with the conditions to create a better working environment, level your material flows, reduce your need for keeping stock, shorten your delivery time and ensure high quality.

    Divide the job into equal parts

    Divide the work into equal parts and distribute the workload on different workstations to simplify your resource management and create a better work environment that is neither stressful nor inconsistent.


    Focus actions in the right place

    When you pace your production, actual disruptions are brought to light and you can focus action in the right place. Measure your productivity, identify losses and focus actions on your process bottleneck. Your process is no better than the weakest link. If you improve your process bottleneck, you will improve the entire process.

    Takt systemöversikt

    A visible and clear Takt is the base for Lean Manufacturing. Binar offers many solutions from very simple single stations to line solutions with Takt. In an unbalanced flow, the Bullwhip effect causes a lot of stress. Also, humans often tends to work fast, carelessly, causing worse quality. To get a high direct run quality and a low scrapping cost, Takt is the right method. The Takt clock shows the pace calculated for each job. 

    If there is a line flow, stop & go is a very efficient method to increase output without increasing the stress for the operators. All operators finish their assembly simultaneously, pushes the green acknowledge button, and moves forward to the next station. Any disturbance or stop will be visualised and highlighted. A total increase in throughput of 25-30% is very common and in an optimized flow the throughput may be increased by the double.

    Binar bilindustri

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