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    Software for Visualization of Production KPIs

    Track results in real time with visualization of production data

    Visualise your production in order to track results in real time and act on deviations immediately when they occur so that the outcome may be changed.

    …wherever you are

    Present key figures on LED displays developed specifically for industrial environments and with long readability distances, to visualise current, accurate data directly in the production environment. Or in a web interface, so you can track your production in real time and act on deviations wherever you are.

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    Discover waste and bring bottlenecks to light

    Visualising the production flow uncovers waste and brings bottlenecks to light so that you can focus actions in the right place. Your process is no better than the weakest link. If you improve your bottleneck, you will improve your entire process. Work on continuous improvement (Kaizen,改善).

    Incite engagement

    Present easy-to-understand key figures on the production floor in real time that are relatable, such as location, goals and stop time. It will motivate your employees and increase their engagement. No quality assurance in the world works if your employees do not understand or are committed to the cause.

    Digitize daily management

    Digitize your daily management to remove the need for collecting and compiling data by hand. Use a web application that is available everywhere.

    In Lean Manufacturing, visualisation is a must to improve work flow and reduce waste. Important Key Performance Indicators KPI´s such as number of produced, backlog, up-time, down-time and quality result is crucial for everyone. It is the dashboard of the production floor.

    Binar provides several solutions for visualisation of production data. Bright LED displays, web solutions and software for TV screens.

    The visualisation gives distinct real time information about the current status and will lead to more commitment and motivation in the organization. It gives a better overview, better understanding and makes it easier to prioritize when a problem occurs. All the information can be saved in database for further analyses and improvement to reduce waste. 

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