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    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 - the revolution of our time

    Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, means that companies take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation by implementing a number of different technologies, innovations and organizational changes.

    Industrial Internet of Things

    The fourth industrial revolution is sometimes also called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or smart manufacturing, because it combines physical production with digital technology, machine learning and big data. Through technological development, it is possible to create a better interconnected ecosystem and get a clear overview of all parts of the process.

    Revolutionizes your business

    Industry 4.0 is not just about investing in new technology or new tools that increase productivity – it’s about revolutionizing your entire business and how it grows. The manufacturing industry is changing, and investing in industry 4.0 will be absolutely crucial in a world where competition is intensifying.

    A picture from the past that shows the steps industrial development has taken.

    Industrial development – from 1.0 to 4.0

    The first industrial revolution

    Industry 1.0 refers to society’s change from agriculture to industry and the upheaval took place during the second half of the 18th century and the early 19th century. By means of mechanical aids, manual work was replaced by large-scale operation and mass production. The revolution meant a sharp increase in productivity, and thereby a radical change of society with technical, economic, social and political significance.

    The second industrial revolution

    Industry 2.0, also known as the technological revolution, took place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During this period, steel and electricity began to be used in the factories, which further increased efficiency. During this phase, things like the conveyor belt were introduced.

    The third industrial revolution

    During the middle of the 20th century, industry 3.0 emerged. The change was linked to technological development, especially witin IT, and the increased mobility and capitalization of capital. Digitized flows of money, culture and information outside the control and regulation of nation states had consequences for both production and consumption.

    The fourth industrial revolution

    The fourth industrial revolution, also known as industry 4.0, is currently underway. The digital technology that has been developed in recent decades is now being taken into physical factories. By linking the digital and physical world, factories can largely organize themselves. Industry 4.0 creates a comprehensive, interconnected and holistic view of manufacturing.

    Unlock the value of industry 4.0

    Understanding how to make the best use of this transition could be crucial to a company’s future. But how can Industry 4.0 best be applied in your business? We have created three use cases to help you understand the value of Industry 4.0 in a manufacturing business.

    • Supply Chain Management (SCM) – To be competitive, it is important to optimize the flow of materials through the company. Industry 4.0 means companies get increased transparency and control over the entire distribution chain.
    • Predictive Maintenance & Predictive Analysis – Predict actual problems before they actually occur. Through industry 4.0, preventive maintenance no longer needs to be done manually, as they take place automatically. The systems identify problems and predict when machines need to be repaired, and allows you to resolve any concerns before they develop into major problems. Predactive analysis allows you to switch from preventive to proactive maintenance.
    • Tracking – By connecting your business system to your production line, you can achieve traceability throughout your process. Link each product to an order, and let the product carry information on how to process it. With the help of this information,, the factory organizes itself.

    When to invest in industry 4.0?

    So, is industry 4.0 something for you? How, where, and when to invest in 4.0?

    If you recognize yourself in several of the points below, then it may be a good idea to contact a provider of solutions for industry 4.0.

    • You are active in an industry with fierce competition
    • You have technically savvy competitors
    • You find it difficult to fill vacancies
    • You want to get a better overview of your distribution chain
    • You want to identify potential problems before they occur
    • You want to increase efficiency and profitability throughout the organization
    • You want you and your employees to get relevant information in real time
    • You want to improve customer satisfaction
    • You want to ensure the quality of the manual work
    • You want to digitize your instructions
    • You want to improve product quality
    • You want to reduce the waste of resources
    • You want to get information about the production process in real time through an app in your mobile, computer or tablet
    • You want better transparency and more data so that you can make better informed decisions

    Are you still unsure if Industry 4.0 is right for you and your business? We have listed some of the benefits of implementing the features of your business below.

    Some of the benefits of Industry 4.0

    The fourth industrial revolution encompasses the entire distribution chain and distribution chain – including design, sales, warehousing, scheduling, quality assurance, construction plus customer and field services. Everyone can take part in relevant information about production and business processes, and get access to analyzes and conclusions at exactly the right time.

    The benefits of using to implement industry 4.0 in your business are of course many, and we have compiled some of them in a short list:

    • Increases your competitiveness. When pioneering competitors optimize their logistics and SCM, you must invest in technology and solutions that enable you to continue to improve and optimize your business. To remain competitive, you need systems and processes that allow you to maintain the same, or better, level of service to your customers that they could receive from your most innovative competitors.
    • A better working environment. A general increase in well-being among employees, with fewer sick days as a result, is common when implementing industry 4.0. In addition to a safer workplace, the flow of information is improved, which (among other things) leads to your team becoming stronger as collaboration is facilitated.
    • You will be more attractive to younger workers. Companies that invest in modern, innovative technology are better at attracting and retaining new employees.
    • Avoid potential problems. Through predictive analytics, real-time data, automation and Internet-connected machines, you can act proactively to resolve potential concerns before they develop into major problems.
    • Quality assurance. With industry 4.0, you can easily introduce a standardized way of working and thus achieve consistent and high quality. Through digital instructions, you can ensure that everyone always works according to the latest data. You can also use moving images, sounds and multiple languages in parallel. 
    • Increased profitability. Cost savings provide greater profitability, further increasing your growth. With industry 4.0 you get access to data in real time, which allows you to make faster and better informed decisions. This way, you’re able to increase the efficiency and profitability of the entire organization.

    This is how Binar Solutions can help you with your business

    At Binar Solutions, we have decades of experience in increasing our customers’ productivity, and will be able to help you implement industry 4.0 technology in your business. With a flexible and scalable system, you can get started quickly, and scale up as profitability increases. Even if you want to start on a smaller scale, the results quickly become clear, and you can easily add new features as the need increases. 

    If the solution to your problems is not available on the market, we are, through our own development expertise in industrial electronics and software, able to quickly develop innovative solutions according to your needs.

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