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    Binar Solutions has been delivering solutions to Volvo for over 20 years

    With factories on several continents, Volvo is a global car manufacturer. To optimize their production process and ensure that all cars are of high quality, they collaborate with Binar Solutions. The collaboration, which has been ongoing since 2000, means that Binar delivers both pre-packaged and customer-specific solutions.


    Volvo is Sweden’s largest company with tens of thousands of employees. It is important to achieve the highest possible efficiency through globally standardized processes, systems, and methods. Volvo also wants to ensure that all cars maintain the high quality that customers expect.


    For more than 20 years, Binar Solutions has contributed and still contributes, to streamlining and quality-assuring the production of Volvo cars. This is done through several different products and systems. Among other things through Andon, pick-to-light, system integration, test systems, and smart, custom-made tools.

    • Andon means that you get the opportunity to alert or stop production as soon as an error is detected.
    • Poka-Yoke means that you get tools to detect and avoid mistakes before they happen.
    • System integration is about connecting the different parts of production and creating an overview in real-time.
    • Binar’s specially adapted test system ensures that each component works before the final product is assembled.
    • Binar creates customer-specific tools including circuit boards, software, and mechanics. These tools can be connected directly to the customer’s production system.
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