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    LP376 – Complete, Andon and bypass 51708

    A complete button panel to balance your production. Complete and Andon buttons with a good grip and feel, which can withstand large amounts of repetitions and has clear LED light indications as well as a RFID bypass option.

    Balance your production

    An unbalanced production flow creates chaos. Balance your production to create a better, stress-free working environment, simplify your resource management, and keep a consistently high quality. When you balance your production, actual losses become visible, and you can start improving your productivity – for real.

    Learn more about takt

    Connect to your existing system

    Connect instantly to your existing BPS system via CAN or LP304 if you are using a different bus communication standard. Power directly through the bus or a separate AC adapter. Install and relocate easily with our industry-standard high-speed connections.



    Mark as completed



    Call for help



    Start over or approve


    Number of buttons
    1 x Complete
    1 x Andon



    1 x M8, 4-poles, socket



    1 x M12, 5-poles, pin, A-coded
    1 x M12, 5-poles, socket, A-coded

    Data transmission
    125 kbit/s


    Input voltage
    20 – 32 VDC


    EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4

    Dimensions and weight

    B 70 x H 180 x D 35 mm

    400 g

    Wall mounted, 2 x M6


    Power consumption
    110 mA


    IP Code

    Temperature interval
    0 – 50 °C

    0 – 95% non-condensing

    A visible and clear Takt is the base for Lean Manufacturing. Binar offers many solutions from very simple single stations to line solutions with Takt. In an unbalanced flow, the Bullwhip effect causes a lot of stress. Also, humans often tends to work fast, carelessly, causing worse quality. To get a high direct run quality and a low scrapping cost, Takt is the right method. The Takt clock shows the pace calculated for each job.

    If there is a line flow, stop & go is a very efficient method to increase output without increasing the stress for the operators. All operators finish their assembly simultaneously, pushes the green acknowledge button, and moves forward to the next station. Any disturbance or stop will be visualised and highlighted. A total increase in throughput of 25-30% is very common and in an optimized flow the throughput may be increased by the double.

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