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    Takt- och Andonklocka

    Takt- and Andon watch 54445

    Utilising a Takt and Andon clock allows you to follow the production status in real time. The desired function is easily inputted through the LP222 button box, after which the system is up and running and tracking adherence to production planning. Producing faster than planned is indicated with green numbers, and if you are producing below the expected rate, it is indicated with red numbers. The clock can be paused with a BREAK button during, for example, break time. In the event of production disturbance, the Andon button is pressed, which causes a short alarm signal to ring and the display shows the text “ANDON” and how long you have experienced the disturbance.

    Displaying clear goals and losses in real time, leads to discussions about production improvement and optimisation. Takt and Andon are the cornerstones of Lean Manufacturing and ensure rapidly increased productivity.

    An easily implemented aid for improving production methods

    A clear overview of the current production status compared to current goals constitutes the basis of a discussion about improvements. A Stand Alone Tact and Andon system is therefore a quick and easy way to streamline your production. With just 2 buttons and a display, you can visualise your TAKT and streamline your alarm handling!

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    Readability distance
    Up to 40 m


    1 x LED-display
    2 x Buttons
    1 x Button panel
    1 x Siren
    1 x Control system
    1 x I/O-box
    2 x I/O-cable
    2 x CAN-cable
    1 x CAN-termination
    1 x Network adapter


    Input voltage
    230 V



    EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4


    IP Code

    Temperature interval
    0 – 50 °C

    0 – 95% non-condensing

    A visible and clear Takt is the base for Lean Manufacturing. Binar offers many solutions from very simple single stations to line solutions with Takt. In an unbalanced flow, the Bullwhip effect causes a lot of stress. Also, humans often tends to work fast, carelessly, causing worse quality. To get a high direct run quality and a low scrapping cost, Takt is the right method. The Takt clock shows the pace calculated for each job.

    If there is a line flow, stop & go is a very efficient method to increase output without increasing the stress for the operators. All operators finish their assembly simultaneously, pushes the green acknowledge button, and moves forward to the next station. Any disturbance or stop will be visualised and highlighted. A total increase in throughput of 25-30% is very common and in an optimized flow the throughput may be increased by the double.

    To reduce waste in a production environment, Andon is a proven method that easily can be implemented. Focus is to keep the operator value adding during assembly. Any disturbance or abnormal situation is taken care of by pushing the Andon button or by pulling an Andon cord. The alarm will be visualised on displays, lamps and even sounded off to raise the attention of the Team Leader or an Andon Coach. The support person will take care of the problem and register a fault code for the disturbance. Binar has the products to make this smooth and easy. With the ten-button box LP220 the fault code will be registered with a push.. Improvement groups may easily read the result for further analysis and to take action for improvements.

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