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    BPS Production Board – a robust color display for industrial applications

    Visualize key figures and communicate other relevant information related to your production with this robust color LED display BPS Production Board.

    • Suitable for tough industrial environments
    • Readable at up to 80 m
    • Use colors and graphic symbols
    • Long durability and maintenance-free

    Visualization via LED displays reduces waste

    Visualization of key performance indicators and other essential information via LED displays is a cornerstone in any modern, efficient production system.
    It is important that operators, management, and maintenance staff quickly acquire an overview of the situation. This allows them to take prompt action and feel that they are part of the system.

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    LED production board built to withstand

    Binar’s robust character LED displays are built to withstand industrial environments. They are often used together with Binar’s Takt and Andon systems, where they are referred to as production and tempo boards.

    Production board with clear communication

    The bright, graphic LED matrix provides a readability of up to 80 meters. A variety of font colors means clearer production visualization. 

    Maintenance free

    LED boards are maintenance-free and have a very long service lifetime, usually over 100.000 hours.

    Choose symbols, sizes, colors, and fonts on your LED production board

    The color display can be used to indicate the current status quickly and clearly, e.g., green for positive values, yellow for information or warning, and red for negative values (such as downtime).

    Using graphic symbols like arrows or dynamic bars, you can illustrate rising and falling trends or show a percentage from 0 to 100 with a change of color for different intervals.

    Pick your key performance indicators

    Use different KPI types to measure success based on your specific business goals and targets. BPS production board can show a variety of indicators, such as Setpoint, Actual, Backlog, Accumulated backlog, stop time, Quality, OEE, Alarm messages, Downtime, Takt time, Andon alarm, and Number of discarded.

    LED production board available in different sizes

    The production board is available in several different sizes and can be customized to your specifications.

    Mounting the LED screen is easy on a wall or hanging from a wire. Brackets are included.

    Readability distance


    Font size

    Small: w 19 x h 27 mm

    Large: w 31 x h 63 mm

    Centred: w 31 x h 59 mm


    Ethernet (TCP/IP, unshielded cable), MQTT, UART, USB, RS232


    EN 6100-6-4 and EN 6100-6-2

    Power supply

    100-240V out 5V28-40A

    Temperature range



    M6 adjusting slot on the upper and lower edge as well as lengthways on the backside.

    In Lean Manufacturing, visualisation is a must to improve work flow and reduce waste. Important Key Performance Indicators KPI´s such as number of produced, backlog, up-time, down-time and quality result is crucial for everyone. It is the dashboard of the production floor.

    Binar provides several solutions for visualisation of production data. Bright LED displays, web solutions and software for TV screens.

    The visualisation gives distinct real time information about the current status and will lead to more commitment and motivation in the organization. It gives a better overview, better understanding and makes it easier to prioritize when a problem occurs. All the information can be saved in database for further analyses and improvement to reduce waste.

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