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    BiDisp2 – Big red text LED display 56805

    Visualise key figures and status across medium to long distances in your assembly facility.

    Character color: Red
    Character height: 97 mm
    Readability distance: up to 80 m
    Character count: 3 – 25 (more available if requested)
    Number of rows: 1st (stack several units for more rows)
    IP Code: IP50

    Track results in real time

    Show easy-to-understand key figures on your production line in real time that are relatable, such as status, goals and downtime. It motivates your employees and incites engagement. No quality assurance in the world works if your employees do not understand the bigger picture.

    Customise your display

    Select “7-segment” if you only want to display numbers and “matrix” if you also want to display text. Select the number of characters to fit exactly what you want to display. Readable up to 80 m.


    7 segment characters

    Display numbers only


    Matrix characters

    Display text, number and graphical symbols

    Customize your own production board

    Customise your own production board by stacking multiple displays on top of each other. Connect in parallel and control several displays via a single serial channel. Divide and group key figures and show the focused production line or workstation with different colored dividers.

    Connect directly to your existing system

    Control what information or key figures you want to display via your parent system. Easily connect the display directly to your existing system via Ethernet or Series. Power via 230 V. Install easily with our industry-standard quick connections.

    Handle the toughest environments

    Handle tough industrial environments with IP50. Withstands shocks with a robust and durable enclosure in aluminum. Achieve long durability and life with bright and energy-efficient LED. Easily mount on walls or pillars or by hanging the displays from the ceiling.




    Character height
    96 mm

    Readability distance
    Up to 80 m

    Character count
    3 – 25 (more available if requested)

    Row count
    1 (stack several units for more rows)

    Character type
    Matrix or 7-segment

    Character encoding
    Extended ASCII + special characters



    1 x RJ45

    Data transmission
    10/100 Mbit/s


    1 x RS232 / RS422 / RS485

    Data transmission
    4 800, 9600, 19 200 or 38 400 bit/s

    Data bits
    7 or 8


    Input voltage
    85 – 264 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz


    Cable length
    4,7 m


    EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-4

    Dimensions and weight

    B 110 + (100 x character count) x H 160 x D 55 mm

    1,3 + (0,5 x character count) kg

    Wall- or ceiling mounted, M6


    max 20 W


    IP Code

    Temperature interval
    0 – 50 °C

    0 – 95% non-condensing

    In Lean Manufacturing, visualisation is a must to improve work flow and reduce waste. Important Key Performance Indicators KPI´s such as number of produced, backlog, up-time, down-time and quality result is crucial for everyone. It is the dashboard of the production floor.

    Binar provides several solutions for visualisation of production data. Bright LED displays, web solutions and software for TV screens.

    The visualisation gives distinct real time information about the current status and will lead to more commitment and motivation in the organization. It gives a better overview, better understanding and makes it easier to prioritize when a problem occurs. All the information can be saved in database for further analyses and improvement to reduce waste. 

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