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    Test systems

    Quality-assure manufacturing of your electrical components

    Reduce costs by ensuring each component works before assembling the final product.

    Avoid errors at EOL

    Our customised test systems check the quality of subsystems during the process of assembling an entity, to avoid errors being detected only at EOL (End Of Line) when it can be difficult and costly or too late to perform troubleshooting and adjustments.

    Test programs customised for your needs

    With test programs and test equipment tailored to your needs, you can error-proof even the most complex and varied of electronic systems throughout your production process. As we use ready-made modules and have our own workshop, we offer short development times and can supply you with a cost-effective solution.

    Ensure excellence through comprehensive electrical sub-assembly testing

    In the intricate landscape of electrical sub-assemblies, rigorous attention to detail is essential to mitigate risks and ensure optimal performance. Electrical sub-assembly testing serves as a critical checkpoint, validating the integrity and functionality of each component before it integrates into the final product. This step is more than just a quality assurance measure; it’s a commitment to excellence. By employing advanced testing methodologies, such as functional testing and in-circuit testing, you ensure that every electrical sub-assembly meets the highest standards of reliability and performance. In doing so, you safeguard the end-user experience and contribute to a more efficient production cycle, reduce waste, and, ultimately, bolster profitability. So, consider this testing phase not as an optional extra but as an essential part of your production ecosystem.

    Easy to get started with Iterocon

    Connect your electronic components directly via existing connectors. Through our own brand Iterocon, we customise industrial cabling with robust special connectors that can withstand extreme amounts of repetitions and will not damage your connections.

    Automated systems enable flexible tests

    Our test systems are automated, flexible, and designed in such a way that the operator does not need to have any prior knowledge of the product. We tailor a test program for you  that can be run via a parent (ERP / MES) or stand-alone (stand alone) system.

    Binar testsystem

    How it works

    You can ensure the quality of your installation of electronic components in subassemblies before the final installation of software takes place. This is done by measuring power consumption, voltage and impedance on your connected electrical components such as light indicators, sensors, switches, sockets and speakers.

    Be it dashboards, bumpers, motors, seats, ceilings, doors or any other part, you can with our test systems ensure that each component works before that subsystem is assembled into the final product.

    Specially adapted electrical connections

    Binar Solutions manufactures its own connectors through the Iterocon brand, which means repeat and connect.

    Our connectors can be connected over and over again, and again. Granted, if everything works the first time that is great of course, but after 100,000s of times it should work just as well as the first time, which requires perseverance. Quality does not come by accident, it is something one must work hard for.

    Perhaps it is the fact that we combine our interest and passion with our business idea. We simply love industrial technology and finding the very best of solutions for our customers, ensuring high quality and manufacturing them. If you have high demands, we have your solution.

    Withstands the toughest requirements for durability, high quality and precision

    Since we are repeatedly reminded that our rugged electrical connectors continuously meet the most stringent of requirements, we must admit to a certain sense of pride. We strive to be the very best in the world when it comes to electrical connections with the toughest requirements for endurance.

    Excellent competence spanning many areas

    Our expertise is high in electronics, automation, mechanics and cable manufacturing, offering our customers everything from loose electrical contacts and fixtures to complete solutions that are integrated into the customer’s automation process.

    Make (work) life easier

    The idea is simple: Through the Iterocon brand, we manufacture and deliver durable, safe and reliable solutions of such high quality that you will not want anything else. Customised products of high quality and solutions that make the customer’s (work) life easier.

    Step 1: Analysis & pilot study

    Electrical connections are easy. If you do it right. Which can be difficult.

    There are namely a number of influencing factors, such as physical locations, type of manufacturing plant, construction, stage of production, human factors, process and more. It is therefore natural for us to provide recommendations that are outside the basic request to create an as simplified and well-functioning installation as possible. Binar Solutions is part of a larger process, a whole, and our expertise in industrial electronics is extensive.

    We present a clear proposal to you, which shows in detail what we offer based on our feasibility study.

    Step 2: Construction & Development

    • As soon as we understand what you seek, we design and construct models of what will become finished products. Most efficient is to start with 3D models that we connect with your “oncoming devices” and then test the designs digitally.
    • Thereafter we produce prototypes in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and validate the design under real world conditions.
    • Once we have designed the product itself and ensured that everything works exactly as we and the customer want and expect,  series production may commence.

    Step 3: Manufacturing

    We adapt materials and manufacturing methods for your needs, environment and series size. The final assembly takes place in our own factory, where we possess the capacity to manufacture parts, although several of the parts may be manufactured by one of our carefully selected subcontractors. Our intention is not to manufacture everything ourselves, although we of course  have meticulous control over all parts of the production.

    In assembly, all components are tested and the finished products undergo careful tests to ensure they live up to our high standards.

    We always keep our promises and do what we do best – deliver a flawless, unique and durable end product to our customers!

    Step 4: Maintenance, service, installation & commissioning

    When launching new products, we are often involved in commissioning to ensure that no operational disruptions occur in the production phase. We are often given the responsibility to install other companies’ products that are connected to ours to ensure the entire production chain runs smoothly.

    Because we know that downtime is an operational disaster, which almost always happens when you least expect it. This is very often due to lack of service or wearing parts that have not been maintained or serviced on time. That is why we offer ongoing service of our products to provide and guarantee operational reliability.

    Binar bilindustri

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