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    System integration

    A highly adaptable MES system

    Binar's support system for efficient production: Binar Production System (BPS), is an MES system that is easily adaptable to your unique conditions and wishes and which, among other things, helps you to connect the various parts of your production system into a single, whole entity and at the same time creates an overview in real time.

    MES-system från Binar

    Understand and streamline your production with the Binar Production System

    Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is mainly used for monitoring, control and evaluation of production processes, which helps companies to improve their productivity, product quality and customer satisfaction. The system is often considered an important part of the fourth industrial revolution, industry 4.0.

    Binar’s support system for efficient production Binar Production System, BPS, is an MES system that is easily adaptable to your unique conditions and wishes.

    We will help you regardless of whether you need a complete solution or if you want to connect it to existing systems, machines, sensors or various I/O.

    By using BPS, you can also get information about the production process in real time through an app in your cell phone, computer or tablet.

    What is a MES-system?

    What is an MES system?

    An MES system automates the information loop between the different parts of production, connects the company’s overall monitoring system with production and creates a real-time overview. With MES, you do not have to manually give instructions to each individual unit. As soon as an order is registered in the parent system, the production flow adapts automatically.

    By connecting business systems (ERP) and production systems and allowing them to communicate with each other, it becomes easier to establish common standards and best practices. This leads, among other things, to reduced costs, fewer products in stock and shorter delivery times.

    MES also uses data from the production process, utilizing it to visualize important key figures and give you an overview in real time. This means, for instance, that you may track each product, monitor the number of products in the system, register traceability data and catch potential errors or malfunctions.

    More about the MES system

    Workflows and business management

    Over time, changes need to take place within any organisation. These can be related to new requirements from authorities, new or changed products, new sales channels or a new corporate strategy. Regardless of what lies behind the changes, a great deal of flexibility is required in production processes and business process management for the workshop floor can form the basis for dealing with these challenges. Through its product-centered perspective, MES is linked to information and processes at machine level, but also to the company’s central data structures, business processes and organisation.

    Batch system

    Batch production, i.e. manufacturing according to prescription, is common in, for example, the food and pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry. In other words, operations where high product variation places high demands on both flexibility, accuracy and traceability throughout the production process.

    Binar Solutions has extensive experience in delivering batch systems and can help with process validation in order to ensure legal requirements and guidelines are met. The batch systems are normally integrated with the customer’s automation and business systems, as well as other MES functions such as order management, traceability and production reporting.

    Efficiency measurement (TAK/OEE)

    An important factor in remaining competitive on the market is efficiency measurement as a tool for finding untapped potential in production. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), in Swedish also called TAK (Tillgänglighet, Anläggningsutnyttjande and Kvalitetsutbyte), is a broadly recognised key figure used in such efficiency measurements.

    Binar Solutions offers a wide range of services in efficiency measurement, from efficiency evaluation of existing processes to mapping of technical conditions for measurements, purchases and implementations of systems and support to get started with production improvement.

    Future-proof solution

    BPS is modular and easily adaptable to existing systems. This allows you to start with a smaller system and then expand to satisfy increased need.

    In addition to Binar’s smart nodes, BPS can be easily connected to robots and machines via standardized interfaces. The nodes can be connected to networks and in turn form a link to the manufacturing process. The result is a future-proof solution that can scale and  grow as your production grows.

    Quality management

    Succeeding with quality management, and thereby maximizing product quality, requires you to have full control of every aspect of the process, which in turn requires continuous measurement and documentation of product quality. Be it customer and government requirements, safety, environmental initiatives or an effort to increase margins demanding these needs, quality control is a fundamental component of MES and crucial for efficient manufacturing.

    Order management

    The order management component of MES ensures the correct order and job are performed on the using proper equipment, and is necessary for both paperless handling and data integrity. Order management ensures complete insight and transparency in the production flow while helping to minimize costly intermediate stocks. Order management is also a basic function for other MES functions such as traceability, downtime registration and quality management.

    Process- and energy optimisation

    In order to be competitive, it is important to optimise productivity, quality and manufacturing costs at several different levels. By analysing the process and using resulting data to change operating processes and control systems, it is often possible to find hidden production capacity and at the same time reduce production costs, completely without any investment in new manufacturing equipment.

    Production logistics

    In production logistics, the goal is to improve the production flow by optimising different components of a process or achieving smoother transitions between different components. In such contexts lead time is often mentioned, which is the time that elapses from when a process starts until it is completed and fulfills its purpose. If you are successful, production will be more efficient and more profitable. We at Binar Solutions offer services and solutions to optimize workflow and increase turnover rate.

    Production planning

    At Binar Elektronik we aim to help you with your production planning in order to streamline production and profitability. It has become increasingly important to link production planning and control systems to decisions for competitive priorities such as quality delivery capability, reliability and flexibility for products in different markets. Through production planning, we can, among other things, help you reduce the costs of raw materials, energy consumption and maintenance and thereby increase your competitiveness.


    Traceability means tracking information on what has been produced and how it has been produced. Great traceability systems are crucial to meet requirements from authorities and customers, but also to improve quality and delivery time, reduce costs and optimise processes. Binar helps you connect your business system with your production line and get traceability in your process. By associating product information to how it should be processed, your factory can organise itself.

    Supply Chain Integration

    In today’s increasingly complex business climate, the importance of an integrated supply chain has become increasingly critical, which contributes to an increased need for integration both within and between companies.

    Binar offers solutions for integration of individual and several facilities, but also integration of MES solutions in relation to the company’s business system. One of the advantages of BPS is that the system is easy to integrate with all major business systems. The design of supply chain integration shall ensure stable operation of the facility. Even if the parent business system were temporarily out of order, the message history remains intact.

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