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    This is how ABB Robotics increased their productivity

    When ABB Robotics wanted help streamlining their production, only Binar Solutions lived up to their highly set standards. Thanks to the collaboration, ABB Robotics has today achieved increased stability, higher quality, a safer workplace and increased profitability.

    ABB Robotics effektivisering


    Due to increased volumes and as part of their streamlining work, ABB Robotics decided to move to so-called flow production, where work steps that previously had been separated are linked and coordinated. In connection with the changeover, they wanted a good system for handling and noticing disturbances while controlling and monitoring the production process.

    Therefore, ABB Robotics chose to receive quotes from various companies, where only Binar Solutions met all their requirements.


    Binar Solutions offered a solution that, among other things, included Takt, Andon and Visualization.

    • Takt is about leveling production to create a better working environment, simplify resource management, and maintain high and consistent quality.
    • Andon means that you are able to call for help or stop production as soon as a disturbance is detected.
    • Visualization was made possible by setting up displays in the production environment, so that important key figures could be visualized in real time.

    “The collaboration with Binar Solutions has worked really well. They have professional salespersons that keep track of their systems and make sure that we get what we want. In situations when we want to install something more, they also have fast and good support.“

    -Andreas Larsson, Production Development Specialist, ABB Robotics

    ABB Robotics effektivisering


    Thanks to the changes made, ABB Robotics has experienced increased stability, where the managers know exactly what each line produces, higher quality with fewer errors, and more satisfied customers. The workplace has also become safer, with a general increase in well-being among its employees.

    “The new system has definitely been a profitable investment!”

    -Andreas Larsson, Production Development Specialist, ABB Robotics.

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