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    Bosch Thermoteknik achieves increased efficiency through Takt and Andon

    At Bosch Thermoteknik AB, everyone starts from a lean mindset, meaning that they constantly work to sharpen all parts of the production process. As part of that process, they have chosen to collaborate with Binar Solutions. As a result, Bosch Thermoteknik got several different solutions for even more efficient assembly and logistics.

    Bosch Thermoteknik AB was founded as early as 1968. Today, they have hundreds of employees in Tranås, Sweden. The business has a development center and a production unit for heat pumps for the entire world market. Bosch Thermoteknik AB is part of the Bosch Group, which consists of several hundred subsidiaries and local companies in many countries, all over the world. 


    At Bosch Thermoteknik, they act on the basis of a lean approach. This means constant development work, where the various parts of production are constantly sharpened to create an even more efficient whole. To get help with developing this work further, they contacted Binar Solutions.

    Example of what visualization can look like at one of Bosch’s facilities. Picture: Bosch


    Binar offered a number of solutions, in this case mainly related to assembly and logistics. These solutions include, among other things, poka yoke, Takt, Andon and visualization.

    • Poka Yoke is a system for detecting and avoiding mistakes before they occur. 
    • Takt is about keeping a steady production rate and avoiding sharp fluctuations.
    • Andon means that you get the opportunity to alarm or stop production as soon as an error is detected.
    • Visualization is about improving the flow of information and creating transparency so that all employees can make the best possible decisions.
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