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    Binar Solutions leads Dynapac to a better flow

    Dynapac is a Swedish multinational engineering company that is headquartered in Karlskrona and has facilities in about ten countries. In order to maximize their efficiency and increase profitability they have chosen to collaborate with Binar Solutions

    Close-up view of a Dynapac road roller machine with a red front and branding visible. Binar Solutions helped Dynapac improve their production flow using Takt, Andon, and Visualization.

    Dynapac was founded as early as 1934 and is today considered a world-leading manufacturer of construction machinery that contributes to sustainability and technological development. The company is located in several different countries with a total of about ten facilities.


    Dynapac is constantly working to refine and streamline their operations. As part of their lean philosophy and pursuit of continuous improvement, they chose to cooperate with Binar Solutions.


    Thanks to Binar Solutions, a number of different functions have today been implemented for more efficient production and improved decision-making. This is done through several different products and systems. Among other things such as Takt, Andon, and Visualization.


    • Takt is about keeping a steady production rate and avoiding sharp fluctuations.
    • Andon means that you get the opportunity to alarm or stop production as soon as an error is detected.
    • Visualization is about improving the flow of information and creating transparency so that all employees are able to make the best possible decisions.
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      This website is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google's privacy policy and terms of use apply.