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    How can you make our production “smarter”?

    Binar Solutions digitises manufacturing through our smart, modular production system consisting of proprietary hardware and software. Through our system, machines and production processes can connect. Therefore allowing them to acquire data and communicate with each other and the environment.

    We can save and transfer important data from each product in your production to your business system or a separate database so that you get full traceability which ensures high quality. By having a so-called smart factory, you join the development of industry 4.0. Which means great competitive advantages with higher productivity, greater flexibility and an increased information flow for decision-making.

    Which exact solution or solutions that are the are best for each customer varies. We have, among other things, our own MES system BPS, Binar Production System, which is an overall system  which monitors, supports and optimises production processes and which is easy to adapt to the customer’s unique conditions and wishes. BPS is an excellent option, whether utilized as a self-contained solution or interconnected with current systems.

    With our own development expertise in industrial electronics and software, we can also be at the forefront of innovative solutions and quickly develop smart tools developed according to your specific needs. Through connected poka yoke tools, you can avoid mistakes even before they occur, while they contribute with quality data and additional traceability in production.

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