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    What is a Takt and Andon system?

    Both Takt and Andon are the cornerstones of Lean and are usually some of the first steps towards increased productivity.

    Takt means creating an even flow where varying volumes are broken down into predetermined number of products to be produced every day. For employees, this means a cycle time or takt time that must be kept to achieve today’s production. When the flow follows the rythm of the takt time, problems and shortcomings become visible at the same time as you end up in an improvement phase. In the long run, this leads to higher quality, a reduced number of losses, shorter delivery times, reduced inventory requirements, simplified personnel planning and increased profitability.

    However, it might be difficult to know if you are keeping the right takt time without some form of support. Stops and disturbances are in risk of being paid too little attention, meaning you will lose time. You easily end up in a situation where you fail to produce today’s set goals, which is compensated with overtime and reduced profitability. In addition, every stop and disturbance is a source of deterioration in quality and increased costs. Andon is a proven way to detect, report and in the long run minimize these stops and disturbances.

    The Takt och Andon system from Binar is a modular system that makes it easy to get started and do the right things from scratch. Visualization of clock time makes it possible to gain control of each work cycle. Stops and disturbances are handled with the help of Andon alarms that are visualized and alerted with sound.

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